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Trivia / Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun

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  • Content Leak: The first dev diary for Victoria 3 was accidentally published a few hours before the game was officially announced at PDXCon 2021.
    • The whole game, altough an unfinished dev build with many things missing, was released to the public in April 2022, even before the "Developer Diaries" were even finished.
  • I Knew It!: Martin "Wiz" Anward leaving his very successful and well-regarded tenure as lead developer for Stellaris for a top-secret "dream project" was very widely suspected to be a Victoria sequel, both because such a game was long overdue and because, during his tenure, the economic and planetary management system for Stellaris (which originally resembled that of Galactic Civilizations) was conspicuously reworked to much more closely resemble Victoria. Of course these suspicions were vindicated in May 2021.