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  • Some of the group may post a video of a game that they had just played, but the others who were in it may not end up actually joining or even uploading the same game on their own channels.
  • A brief rundown of how the group came to be:
    • As explained by Vanoss and Moo, originally it was just the two who started playing with each other at the beginning of both their YouTube careers until Vanoss got into contact with Wildcat (Tyler) who eventually joined the two along with Panda (Anthony). Vanoss also met Terroriser due to wanting to do some Auto-Tune CoD videos, and met Racingcatz in an open lobby who was then a subscriber to him. Soon after Delirious messaged Vanoss asking him if he wanted to play with him sometime and they did, thus ultimately adding Delirious to the group, along with Mini Ladd, Lui, Nogla, Basically and fourzeroseven, forming the main group that we know today.
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    • According to Marcel, he met with Delirious through a friend of his when he was playing Call of Duty, and the two then met up with Cartoonz, fourzeroseven, Mini Ladd, Nogla, and Lui. Both Marcel and Brock also mentioned how they both got into a match before the group was officially formed and Brock recognized him from other videos.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Not really weird, but pre-2016, Vanoss used to interact a lot with his subscribers through his videos and even did a "Question and Answer" video once. His interactions to his subscribers at that time were usually addressing certain things about the channel, between reassuring his subs about the condition of his channel to telling them about what they're doing in the game they will be watching.
  • Ensemble Cast:
    • The central group is flexible, but mostly consists of Vanoss, Moo (Brock), Wildcat (Tyler), Panda (Anthony), Terroriser (Brian), Mini Ladd (Craig), Lui, Nogla, Basically (Marcel) and fourzeroseven (Scotty).
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    • Delirious has a personal crew of friends that he commonly plays with when not playing with others in the central group, consisting of Ohmwrecker, CaRtOoNz, Bryce Games, and gorillaphent, though Ohm does commonly play with others within the central group without Delirious.
    • Some of the other members who often joined/join the group in their sessions are: SilentDroidd, Stabbies, SeaNanners, EatMyDiction1, GassyMexican, Misses Mae, Ms Heart Attack, Chilled Chaos, Sp00nerism, Mr Sark, SMii7Y, Kryoz Gaming (John), RunJDRun, Toast, TheScrewologist, Mexicutioner, and GotDrums.
    • Guest Star: Jacksepticeye has actually played with Delirious, Vanoss, Ohm, Sark and Nogla before in games of Depth. However, Jack often plays with Nogla from time to time and the latter always takes advice from the former.
    • This can probably be said the same to Ohm, who has previously played with Markiplier and PewDiePie during the two's earlier days in their YouTube careers. What's interesting is that out of everyone in the group, Ohm was the only one to have ever played with the two in the past.


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