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Trivia / Vanishing Point

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  • Deleted Role: Charlotte Rampling had a role as a hitchhiker whom Kowalski met while en route, but her scenes were deleted before the US release. The scenes were re-inserted for the UK release. The DVD release includes both the US and UK versions.
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  • What Could Have Been: Richard C. Sarafian wanted Gene Hackman to play Kowalski, but the studio insisted on giving the role to Barry Newman. Ironically, it ended up getting released on a double bill with The French Connection. Kris Kristofferson was considered for the part. His then wife, Rita Coolidge, has a small role in the film. Bruce Dern also admitted that he auditioned for the role of Kowalski for this film, and that if it hadn't been for being rejected from this role, he wouldn't have been able to go onto the film that he was most recognized for: Silent Running.


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