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  • Creator Backlash: The SBK years in general. For a while, any material from To the Extreme was off-limits, but he still performs "Ice Ice Baby", and even recorded a Nu Metal version, "Too Cold", in 1998.
  • Genre-Killer: For the rest of the '90s until Eminem came on the scene, it was almost impossible for white rappers to be taken seriously thanks to Vanilla Ice (well, maybe House of Pain and The Beastie Boys, though HOP only had one real hit themselves).
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  • Old Shame: Much of his early years. Ice has practically fallen all over himself trying to get distance between his 1991 persona and now. In particular, he strongly regrets the clothing his label forced him to wear in the early '90s. It probably doesn't help that most people still assume he dressed that way by choice.
  • Referenced by...:
    • 3rd Bass dissed him in "Pop Goes The Weasel," with Henry Rollins playing him in the video.
    • The Offspring used him as an example of lameness in the trope-naming "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)":
    "He couldn't find Ice Cube so he got Vanilla Ice."
  • Troubled Production: The "Ice Ice Baby" video had its problems. The crew didn't have a set to film in, so Ice and company invaded an abandoned building in downtown Dallas, TX. They had to climb the fire escape to get up there, meaning having the lug the heavy camera equipment up with them. Because they technically weren't allowed in the building, they had to rush the filming process. The vehicle that Ice was driving also had no gas, so in the scene where he's driving off, it had to be pushed by two of his friends on set with him.
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  • Two-Hit Wonder: Although many consider him a One-Hit Wonder considering he's only remembered for one of those hits. Yes, "Play That Funky Music" was a hit.


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