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  • The Danza: N portrays a character named Cha Hakyeon (his real name) in his drama Family is Here. Likewise, Ken portrayed a character named Lee Jaehwan in his drama Boarding House No. 24.
  • Dye Hard: All of them have dyed their hair at some point, but Ravi in particular is notorious for this.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: St★rlights/Starlights. And it was Rovix (yes, their robot mascot) who posted a tweet saying it.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Bean and Kong for Hongbin. Ironically, beans and nuts are his least favorite foods.
    • N has a technically infinite number of nicknames, just preface a short word with "Cha"; for example, Cha-Leader.
      • "Daeguni" for Leo, because saying his real name (Taekwoon) in the diminute results in "Taekwoonie", which was turned into babytalk to create the nickname.
  • Executive Meddling: Their music videos for Hyde and Voodoo Doll were both given 19+ ratings for their "horrific" imagery by the KMRB, with Voodoo Doll being banned from broadcast entirely. This led to a clean version of the Voodoo Doll MV being made, and the choreography being changed for live performances.
    • Hilariously, when Hyde and Voodoo Doll were released Hyuk was 17 and 18 respectively, meaning both times he was too young to watch his own music video according to Korean officials.
  • Name's the Same: Isn't N an American detective of sorts? And isn't Ken supposed to be with Barbie? (Although Ken's name was done on purpose. He was named after the Street Fighter of the same name, and looks like Japanese actor Hirai Ken.)
  • Old Shame: The Royal Azalea Boy meme for N, and the black lipstick performance of Hyde for all of them.
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  • The Pete Best: The trainees who were Voted Off the Island on MyDOL prior to VIXX's debut, notably including Topp Dogg's Nakta, Demion's Nakhun, and OFFROAD's Daewon.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Hongbin, who got to debut under the same label as his idol Park Hyo Shin.
  • What Could Have Been: Who knows what the group dynamics would have been like had any of the eliminated trainees made it instead of the 6 that did. Notably, Ken very nearly didn't make the cut - he finished in the bottom two in voting once and was the last member to be revealed as part of the final lineup.

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