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Trivia / Uta no Prince-sama

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  • Adaptation First: While none of the games have received an official international release, the anime is streamed on Crunchyroll and released by Sentai Filmworks for home video in America.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: It became Broccoli's most successful VN series since Galaxy Angel, spawning five main games, two rhythm games, Drama CDs, manga and four anime series. The money obtained with this franchise has allowed them to hire Kazuki Yone of Hakuouki fame to illustrate their next game, Kamigami No Asobi.
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  • Defictionalization: At least once every year, Broccoli will release a clothing product designed by the main boys. 2014 had T-shirts, 2015 had sweaters and 2016 has couple T-shirts (they're meant to be matching items for couples). Broccoli's marketing department excels in this strategy: they also released real-life plushies of Super Reiji-kun (an Ugly Cute plush first seen in All Star at Reiji's family's shop, who has it at the counter as it was made by Reiji's sister) and a collection of items inspired by the series' main three mascots: Piyo-chan, Onpu-kun and Tokiya's penguin)
  • Dueling Shows: The anime aired on the same season with... the earlier half of The iDOLM@STER. Moreover:
    • The protagonist of UtaPri is named Haruka Nanami. The girl considered as the main character of iM@S is named Haruka Amami.
    • Both shows feature twins, although Shou's twin brother Kaoru does not appear in the anime.
    • Tokiya and Chihaya are quite alike in demeanor and looks.
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    • Both shows are centered on music and showbiz, with iM@S on the more realistic side of the scale compared to the loftier fantastical UtaPri side of the scale.
  • Fan Nickname: In the West, a lot of fans took to calling Haruka Hypnotoad both affectiontely and mockingly, due to her unusual eyes.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: UtaPri.
  • Trope Codifier: For male Idol Singers.


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