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  • Banned in China: This game is the only Unreal game banned in Germany, to the point of being the only entry not included in that local edition of the anthology. And yet, it still manages to be very popular.
  • Bonus Material: The Dreamcast version of the game comes with a 19-track soundtrack, as well as two playable maps for the PC version: the DC version of "Barricade" for Deathmatch-based modes, and "Hood" for Domination.
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  • Cut Song: Room of Champions was never featured in any map or scene. The same is true, at least in the PC versions, of Organic.
  • Development Gag:
    • Drimacus as one of the default bots in the customizable bot list and Drimacus at the end of the Deathmatch ladder are two different characters, however, the latter has the appearance the former had in the early betas.
    • Ice Weasel, one of the deathmatch ladder combatants, started as a customizable bot.
  • Dueling Works: With Quake III: Arena, which came out two days after it. In the immediate sense UT won, scoring slightly higher in reviews and selling slightly better, but in the long-term Quake III was the real winner, being the go-to shooter for actual Tournament Play, and while third-party use of their respective engines was about even (and it took Epic Games two more iterations if their engine to truly dominate the market), games based on the Quake III engine ultimately had more lasting influence on later games, particularly with the inception of Call of Duty four years later.
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  • Fanwork Ban: In a very, very rare instance, not only was the development teamnote  against the ZeroPing mod for considering it unfair, but also coded the ngStats servers in such a way that it prevents stats from being taken from servers running it.
  • Sleeper Hit: The previous game was released to modest success after three years of development. While it was lauded for its gorgeous landscapes and an intriguing plot that managed to subvert A Space Marine Is You, it was launched in 1998, a year with plenty of notable releases in the First-Person Shooter genre (most notably Quake II, Si N and especially that year's Game of the Year, Half-Life), plus its multiplayer mode was riddled with a lot of technical problems. So a multiplayer-based Expansion Pack began development, only for the devs to realize that it would be better if said pack were released instead as a standalone game. Upon release, UT gathered a lot of critical acclaim upon release, changing the landscape of the First-Person Shooter genre alongside id Software's Quake III: Arena, as well as becoming the Trope Codifier for Capture the Flag, Instagib matches and continuous, loud announcements over every action in the game.
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  • Throw It In!: Lead animator James Green put a weapon slot on top of the Nali Cow just for kicks, but the rest of the team liked it. And that's how the Nali Cow made it into a playable character for the Epic Bonus Pack and the GOTY edition.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: No. There's no Redeemer, there's nothing on top of the red mountain, no anti-gravity boots and no secret rooms in CTF-EternalCave.


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