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  • Development Hell: For different reasons, there's an eight-year gap between OldUnreal patches for v227i (released on November 11, 2012) and v227j versions (set to be released later in 2020).
  • In Memoriam: An Easter Egg in the Bluff Eversmoking level and the Credits section of the Unreal manual, and an interview at a Doom fansite reveal that the "In memory of Myscha and Pelit" is related to the level designer Elliott "Myscha" Cannon (who had a hand in the creation of the original Deck 16 levels), since he dedicated both the game and his maps to both of his dead dogs.
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  • Recycled Soundtrack: The track "Isotoxin (Unreal Mix)" by Andrew "Necros" Sega, which plays on the Outpost 3J level, had its origins as the title track for an older game called In Pursuit Of Greed. As its Unreal track name implies, it was remixed for the game, the most notorious change being the removal of its intro.
  • Technology Marches On: The computer stations (and any others using the same model) were based on CRT monitors of the time. CRT monitors were standard technology when Unreal was released, yet did not become the future of computing that Epic Games envisioned as LCDs have since surpassed CRT models.


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