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Trivia / Unknown (2011)

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  • Blooper: There is an error when Liz is typing the second password. The correct password is "Umbellularia Californica" but she types in "Umbellurlaria Californica". Also, the word "Accepted" shows even before the password is entered.
  • Fake Nationality: Liam Neeson being a Fake American is traditional (and one of the backup passports implies Martin is really Canadian). But Diane Kruger is German, the movie is set in Berlin... and she plays a Bosnian. Funny enough she sports a thick East European accent when speaking English, but her German is flawless. Finally, Swiss actor Bruno Ganz plays a former East German.
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  • Follow the Leader: The taxi chases, amnesia, European accomplice and the "I'm an assassin" twist make it look like the film was cribbing a lot of notes from The Bourne Identity.


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