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The movie

  • Creator Backlash: Writer-director Kurt Wimmer and star Milla Jovovich disowned the released version of the film, as it was taken out of their hands early in post-production, cut down from 120 minutes to 88 minutes, neutered from an R rating to a PG-13, with the final cut featuring unfinished VFX.
  • Creator Killer: The Movie killed Kurt Wimmer's directing career. He has since then gone back to writing and writing only.
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  • Deleted Scenes: Over half-an-hour of footage was cut from the final film, only eight minutes of which were included in the unrated, extended edition.
  • Dueling Movies: With Underworld: Evolution or Blade: Trinity or possibly both and maybe even with 30 Days of Night, which would explain why the vampire subtext seemed a little buried.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Wimmer's initial rough cut of the film ran 120 minutes. Shortly after turning in this assembly cut, Wimmer and Milla were locked out of editing, and the film was rushed through editing in order to meet the intended release date. As a result, the film's extensive visual effects were left incomplete, resulting in loads of Special Effects Failure.
    • The theatrical cut ran 88 minutes, with conspicuously Bloodless Carnage due to the studio's decision to cut the film from Wimmer's intended hard-R to a more widely marketable PG-13.
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    • An extended cut was released on home video, running at 97 minutes, but was not released on Blu-ray due to Sony's then-refused at the time to allow unrated or NC-17 content on the format.
    • The only remnant of Wimmer's original vision can be found in the Novelization, which was based on an earlier, pre-shooting script.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Ultraviolet Wiki.

The TV series

  • Technology Marches On:
    • In vitro fertilization is considered cutting edge.
    • Everybody carries around small video cameras to identify the vampires, which would have been superfluous in the age of the camera phone.

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