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Trivia / Ultraman Ace

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  • Fan Nickname: Due to the fact that many of the eponymous hero's abilities involve cutting and dismembering (and a lot of monsters in the series get chopped up), Ace is sometimes called the "Guillotine Prince" by Japanese fans.
  • Hey, It's That Sound!:
    • All of the iconic Choju use the roars of Toho kaiju: Vakishim is Ebirah, Velokron is Rodan, Doragory is Gabara, and Lunatyx is Sanda.
    • Iceron and Red Jack used Hedorah's gargling.
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    • Kateigaigan and Daidarahoshi both used the gibbering noises of Alien Chibu.
  • Hong Kong Dub: The Malaysian English dub. "I am Uwtwaman Ess, da big bwudda of the uwtwa bwuddas."
  • Prop Recycling: Muruchi's brief reappearance in the Alien Metron-Doragory two-parter used the suit from Return of Ultraman, which is rather obvious from the decayed quality of the suit. In fact, the reason why the producers decided to have Doragory tear Muruchi into pieces was to dispose the badly damaged costume.
    • Velokron's reappearance is not reused from the original suit, but simply a modified version of Machless, hence the completely different look.
    • Sabotendar was remade into Mazarius, Daidarahoshi became Signalion, and Red Jack was turned into Dreamgillas.
    • Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how similar they are, Ungramon was actually a modified version of Giron-Man.
    • The Mt. Fuji backdrop seen during Ultraman Ace's battle with Vakishim in Episode 3 is the same one used in the climactic battle at the end of Destroy All Monsters between King Ghidorah and all the other Toho kaiju.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Future Yellow Goranger, Baku Hatakeyama, has small role in Episode 2.
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    • Saburo Shinoda, who plays the human host of the next series, guest stars in Episode 20.
  • Society Marches On: Part of the reason Minami was written out of the show was that '70s audiences couldn't handle a woman being an Ultra host for a male Ultra. This finally changed by the late '90s with Ultraman Justice, but Minami holds the distinction of being the first host who is the opposite gender to her respective Ultra.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Ace was originally designed rather androgynously, with feminine features on the facial area and longer "hair" parts, with a gladiator breastplate on the upper torso. However this design was abandoned. However, a more angelic version of Ace features in Ultraman: Another Genesis, and actually stars as a Goddess.
    • Muruchi's role in the Episode 7 and 8 two-parter was originally meant for another kaiju from Return of Ultraman, Seagorath.
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  • Working Title: Ultra A


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