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Trivia / Ultima VII Part II

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  • Easter Egg: Behind a magically locked gate in the Dream World is Smith the Horse, represented as a Nightmare. He'll give you an important clue...for The Black Gate. Just as he's about to tell you where Batlin is in this game, he hears someone coming with hay and wakes up. Because the Avatar normally would not have their spellbook on them in this part of the game, seeing this event requires cheating either through teleporting or using the Serpent Bond glitch.
  • What Could Have Been: The original plan for the opening was much more elabourate, and would have featured the Serpent Pillars rising out of the water as the Avatar's ship approached them. This proved to be too much for the computers of the time to render, so it was changed to just having them standing in the ice.
    • In addition, the Chaos Banes storyline was originally meant to be more elaborate than it ended up. The Bane-possessed Companions were to each take over one of the three cities of Serpent Isle, and rule them according to the Bane. For example, the Anarchy-possessed Shamino was to abolish all laws in Moonshade, leading to the scheming mages to kill each other. The Madness-possessed Iolo would punish people in Fawn with cruel ironies and puns. The Wanton Dupre would turn the knights of Monitor into literal animals, "fulfilling" their desire for the strength of those animals. In addition, each one was to be confronted alone. Some of this survived into the game, in semi-finished dialogues, but only some, and for the most part, the Bane-possessed companions just unceremoniously kill everyone.
    • Claw Island, a large island full of cats that's unreachable without cheating, was actually supposed to have a function in the main storyline. It was the place where Yurel's race lived, and they were going to be a doomed civilization. There was also going to be another Wing Commander joke, as a Kilrathi was going to be stranded there. The only thing about the island that survived is that a patron at the Sleeping Bull Inn offhandedly mentions it.
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    • It was originally possible to cure Cantra's madness. The code to do so is even in game, but it does not trigger. It has been hypothesized that curing Cantra and returning her to Harna was part of the confrontation with Wanton Bane Dupre. Since that storyline was removed, healing Cantra had to be removed too.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Codex of Ultima Wisdom, and Wikia Codex of Editable Wisdom.

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