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Trivia / Twitch Plays Pokémon Fused Crystal

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  • Name's the Same: The rival of this run, R, happens to share his name with the rival of Randomized White 2, r. This led to some speculation as to whether they were the same character.

  • What Could Have Been:
    • One early idea regarding the Mt. Silver battle was to have a "hybrid" of two previous Hosts, with their respective Pokémon merged together. The idea was however scrapped, as the code of Pokémon Crystal only had room for two more Pokémon; the only option would've been to influence the Randofuser to get the other four desired fusions, which could have given away the final battle when encountered earlier.
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    • Another scrapped idea that came up during the course of the run was to use one of the aforementioned two slots to introduce a new species that would represent Charizard 'M by using its Pokémon Red and Green sprite, thus implying that, being a glitch rather than an actual Charizard, it was immune to the Randofuser. Said plan was ultimately dropped as it proved to be more work than expected, and the chat reached the final battle long before it could be finalized.


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