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  • Actor-Inspired Element: Kristen Stewart suggested the song used in the prom scene ("Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine).
  • Awesome, Dear Boy:
    • Robert Pattinson is infamous in his dislike of his character and the series, but also made it known that besides the money, he stuck around so he could make out with Kristen Stewart.
    • Justin Chon also didn't have a high opinion of the series, but otherwise took the role of Eric Yorkie upon recognizing that his casting was an instance of Ability over Appearance and his presence would provide what he felt was much needed Asian-American representation.
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  • Baby Name Trend Starter: Jacob and Isabella became popular baby names after the success of the series. Edward wasn't as popular, as it's more old-fashioned, but it did rise in popularity. After the final book the name Renesmee became a popular baby girl name too.
  • Based on a Dream: A dream of a sparkling vampire lying in a field of flowers, apparently.
  • California Doubling:
    • The majority of the first film was shot in Portland, Oregon, standing in for Forks, Washington where the story is set. From the second film onwards, British Colombia and Vancouver, Canada, stood in for Washington.
    • In the adaptation of New Moon, the city of Montepulciano, Italy, stood in for Volterra (which is a real city).
    • For Breaking Dawn Part 1, many exterior scenes were shot in Canada, while many interior scenes were shot in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. The scenes set in Rio de Janeiro were filmed on-location, though.
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  • Cast the Runner-Up: Jackson Rathbone auditioned for Edward Cullen before being cast as Jasper.
  • The Cast Show Off: Robert Pattinson plays the piano in the "Bella's Lullaby" scene.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • The Swedish titles for the books have nothing to do with time:
      • Twilight = Om jag kunde drömma = If I could dream
      • New Moon = När jag hör din röst = When I hear your voice
      • Eclipse = Ljudet av ditt hjärta = The sound of your heart
      • Breaking Dawn = Så länge vi båda andas = As long as we both breathe
    • The Norwegian title for Twilight is "Evighetens kyss" - the kiss of eternity. The rest of the titles are translated literally.
    • The German titles go along the lines of "Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen", which is a pun where one S would mean "till dawn" and two S's would mean "Bite till dawn". The sequels continue the trend with "(Bite) till dusk/noon/etc."
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    • Similar to the Swedish titles, the French titles also have nothing to do with time:
      • Twilight —> Fascination (Fascination)
      • New Moon —> Tentation (Temptation)
      • Eclipse —> Hésitation (Hesitation)
      • Breaking Dawn —> Révélation (Revelation)
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Robert Pattinson has openly admitted that he despises Twilight and practically bashes it on almost every interview. He has even called Stephenie Meyer "mad" with no real talent; she just writes down her erotic fantasies for the whole world to see. He also specifically notes that his own character is a stalker-ish creep and he acts the way he does to portray the character as such. Don't believe us?
    • To a much lesser extent, Kristen Stewart admits that she doesn't really like Twilight either and it ruined her potential as an actress, but it's also because in general, she doesn't enjoy being famous. However, she doesn't despise it as much as Pattinson does.
    • And completing the trifecta, Taylor Lautner had a few choice words when he found out about imprinting.
    • Likewise, in a 2011 interview with the AV Club, Anna Kendrick referred to her character Jessica as "an idiot." However, she's admitted in other interviews that she didn't hate the experience, since it gave her the financial freedom to work on other, lesser-known projects, and the movies were ridiculous enough to be kinda fun. She also stated in 2020 she didn't have the best time working on the first film, due to the weather being "so cold and miserable."
      Anna Kendrick on Twitter in 2018: Holy shit. I just remembered I was in Twilight.
    • Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen's actor) has said in an interview that he didn't like the script for the first movie and that various things about it didn't make sense, mainly the fact that Stephenie Meyer's vampires sparkled.
    • Not even Stephenie Meyer herself likes the series anymore. She claims to be "so over" Twilight, not the least because of it overshadowing her later works. Furthermore, if she ever returns to the series, it would only be to (post) "three paragraphs on [her] blog saying which of the characters died."
    • Tyson Houseman (who played Quil Ateara) said in a 2015 interview that he and other actors on-set considered the portrayal of the Quileute as problematic due to equating them with mythical beings and the heavy Artistic License taken with the real tribe's myths and traditions, although he also stated that at least the films depicted "contemporary Native characters as opposed to fake historic relics of a romanticized early American frontier."
  • Creator Breakdown: Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight books, announced that she had ceased work on the fifth novel of the series (a retelling of the first novel from Edward's perspective) after someone she knew leaked the first 13 chapters online: "If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn't dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working..." It was eventually completed and released in August 2020.
  • The Danza: Michael Welch as Mike Newton.
  • Dawson Casting: Kristen Stewart was seventeen and turned eighteen while shooting the first film, making her an aversion. However she was still playing a high school student for the next two films.
  • Defictionalization: Nordstrom and Torrid have massive tie-ins with New Moon, mainly replicating Bella's clothes (apparently there were a lot of requests after the first movie and they just said "screw it, we're selling it ourselves"), which by happy coincidence are in style.
  • Dyeing for Your Art:
    • Averted by Kristen Stewart, who wore hair pieces specifically to save time.
    • Peter Facinelli bleached his dark hair blond to play Carlisle.
    • Nikki Reed (Rosalie) bleached hers too for the first film. But because it was such a hassle, she wore wigs for the remaining films.
    • Ashley Greene (Alice) did the opposite - first wearing a wig for Twilight. She cut it for New Moon to help it fit under the wig better but then went without them for the remaining films.
    • Taylor Lautner nearly got recast as Jacob between the first and second movies, due to producers wanting a more muscular actor. So he hit the gym and gained several pounds of muscle - and was allowed to keep his role. Otherwise averted with his hair - as he just wore a wig in the first two films.
  • Enforced Method Acting: When Carlisle bites Edward, he whispers in Edward's ear. The in-character "I'm sorry" failed to get the right terrified reaction, as did the equally in-character "My son", so he whispered "You're sexy".
  • Extremely Lengthy Creation: Midnight Sun took twelve years for Stephenie Meyer to finish. She started writing it in 2008, but she put it on an indefinite hiatus after some chapters were leaked online. She considered working on it again in 2015 after publishing Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, but was put off due to the release of Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian (Fifty Shades of Grey started out as Twilight fanfiction). She did finally complete it, though.
  • Fake American: In the film series. Edward is American but his actor, Robert Pattinson, is British.
  • Fake Brit: Carlisle Cullen (British) is played by Peter Facinelli (American) in the movies. But given that he's probably lived in America for decades, if not centuries, it's plausible that he'd lose his accent.
  • Fan Nickname:
  • Follow the Leader:
  • Genre Popularizer: The books caused an explosion of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy stories for teens in the late 2000s.
  • I Am Not Spock: After the franchise's heyday, Taylor Lautner is still heavily associated with Jacob. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson shook this off through consistently good work in other roles, but Taylor's only high profile role since then has been in Scream Queens (2015) (which had plenty of Adam Westing to his role as Jacob).
  • Lying Creator:
    • "Vampires can't have children", our collective ass. Meyer apparently narrowly construes the word "to have" as meaning "to bear".
    • And her "genuine" Quileute folklore that isn't so genuine.
  • Milestone Celebration: Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, a Gender Flipped retelling of Twilight, was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book itself.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Bryce Dallas Howard replaces Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in the third movie. Funnily enough she turned the role down for the first film, finding the part too small. With Victoria's role being bigger in Eclipse she was happy to sign back on.
    • Narrowly averted when Taylor Lautner almost lost his role as Jacob Black in New Moon. The director of New Moon, Chris Weiss, was considering recasting Jacob, because he decided he wanted a taller and more muscular actor to play him (the studio producers were ''openly negotiating'' with other actors before the end of filming the first movie). Upon hearing this, Lautner immediately hit the gym and apparently never left. He gained an insane 35 pounds of muscle to keep his role in the series.
  • Playing Against Type: Jane is a decided departure from the innocent little girl character type that Dakota Fanning is known for playing.
  • Production Posse: Nikki Reed had worked with Catherine Hardwicke on 13 and Lords of Dogtown.
  • The Red Stapler: There were official replicas produced of Bella's wedding dress and engagement ring that you can buy.
  • Romance on the Set: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dated for a while, and their relationship ended very publicly when Kristen was found to have had an affair with director Rupert Sanders while filming Snow White and the Huntsman.
  • Sequel Gap: Midnight Sun, a Perspective Flip of the first novel told from Edward's POV, is set to be released in August 2020, twelve years after the release of Breaking Dawn (book four). It would've been released years earlier, but Stephenie Meyer was reluctant to work on it after a Content Leak.
  • Spared by the Cut: Stephanie Meyer wrote a sequel to Twilight where Laurent's Heel–Face Turn sticks, and he and his lover Irina survive until the end. Meyer disliked the finished book (feeling that the Time Skip was a mistake) and decided to spread the plot developments of the original sequel across three books instead of one. In those books, both Laurent and Irina die.
  • Star-Making Role:
    • Kristen Stewart had been getting plenty of buzz for her indie work beforehand, but this turned her into a household name.
    • Robert Pattinson likewise was known for the fourth Harry Potter film but became instantly famous because of this.
    • And starting from the second film, Taylor Lautner was also rocketed to fame.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Rosalie is wearing gloves in the first movie when Bella comes for dinner, because she cut her hands breaking the bowl on the first take.
    • Emmett has shorter hair than in the book because Kellan Lutz had to cut it for Generation Kill and couldn't grow it out in time.
    • Anna Kendrick revealed in her memoir that Jessica's rambling (yet surprisingly good) analysis of the zombie apocalypse genre was improvised.
  • Vaporware: Midnight Sun, due to the leakage of the rough draft, is to be classified as such until further notice.
    • As of May 2020, Midnight Sun is scheduled to be released in August 2020, twelve years after she abandoned it.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to this article, Executive Meddling at Paramount was originally planning to turn Twilight into a far more action-heavy movie — something of a high school-set version of Underworld — in order to bring in more male viewers. Bella was made into a far more active character (she was written as a track star) who fought back against the vampires, and gets turned into one herself in the first movie. Anyone Can Die was in full effect, with Bella's dad dying by the end of the movie. A Korean FBI vampire hunter was introduced as an antagonist, and one scene had vampires picking off members of a SWAT team sent into a forest after them, while Edward was a Blade-type vampire. An Executive Veto from Stephenie Meyer put the kibosh on this, and the resulting adaptation by Summit was made far more faithful to the novel.
    • Bella's original reason for moving to Forks was that her new stepfather was her school principal, and she was specifically uncomfortable living with a relatively strange man. Meyer was told to change this detail because her publisher felt it implied that Bella was afraid of sexual abuse.
    • Twilight was originally only going to have one sequel called Forever Dawn. The basic storyline is the same as what would become the fourth book, Breaking Dawn. Edward and Bella get married, she gets pregnant on the honeymoon, and Bella has to be turned into a vampire to survive the birth of their daughter Renesmee. Jacob isn't present at the birth, but he imprints on Renesmee a few weeks later. The biggest change is that the love triangle of Bella, Edward, and Jacob never develops because the events of New Moon and Eclipse never happen. In short, Edward never leaves and Bella and Jacob don't become close. The lack of the two middle books also leaves Victoria and Laurent alive. Laurent does a Heel–Face Turn and Victoria gets one of her minions to tell the Volturi about Renesmee. Victoria is later the only one killed at the final standoff, courtesy of the mostly-unnamed werewolves. The ending is still pretty much the same Happily Ever After as it is in the final version.
    • Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Bella. Yes, really. Michelle Trachtenberg was reportedly the first choice. Emily Browning and Lily Collins were also considered.
    • The casting crew for Breaking Dawn was originally going to use this to show Renesmee.
    • Peter Facinelli originally wasn't cast as Carlisle but after the original actor dropped out, Catherine Hardwicke offered the part to him.
    • Catherine Hardwicke wanted to diversify the vampire characters, and specifically requested that Alice be played by a Japanese actress. Stephanie Meyer resisted the idea, though Hardwicke was eventually able to get her to agree to the casting of Edi Gathegi as Laurent.
    • Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater.
    • Henry Cavill was Meyer's personal choice to play Edward and suggested him to the studio. However, they thought he looked too old so no formal outreach was ever made.
    • Charlie Hunnam was originally considered for Dr Carlisle Cullen.
    • A soundtrack example. My Chemical Romance was approached by both Stephenie Meyer and their label to heavily contribute to the soundtrack for the films, including a single that would be used for the end of the first movie, due to the fact that she had been substantially influenced by their music during the writing of the series. The band hated Twilight so much that they said it made vampires out to resemble "the new Jonas Brothers" and wrote the song "Vampire Money" out of spite. "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse took the spot where their single at the end of the film was supposed to be, but there could’ve been a soundtrack done largely in part by a band that arguably dominated the angsty vampire obsessed teen demographic of that decade.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Twilight Saga Wiki.
  • Working Title: Originally, the book was going to be called Forks until Meyer’s agent told her to come up with something more atmospheric.


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