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Trivia / 28 Minute Epic

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  • Acting for Two: Several actors took on double roles and are listed in the credits as "The Brave Souls Who Pulled Double Duty."
  • Catchphrase/Crowd Chant: During production of the film, Director Giancarlo Fernandez often asked the production team "What's better than fifteen minutes of fame?" To which the response would be "TWENTY-EIGHT." Doubles as a Signing-Off Catchphrase for the making-of featurette.
  • Colbert Bump: Viewings of the film and featurette on went up significantly after Rocco Petrullo had a talk-back with Kevin Smith at the NYCC Smodcast Comic Book Men panel.
  • Dawson Casting: The twenty-four-year-old Bonner Demling as the barely legal Lady Wow.
  • Real-Place Background: There actually is a pornshop in Edison, NJ called The Playtime Boutique, and it's exactly where those scenes were filmed.