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Trivia / True Detective

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    Season 1 
  • Award Category Fraud: Many were not happy when the show was run as drama at the Emmys rather than miniseries (like the similarly-constructed American Horror Story and Fargo), presumably so it wouldn't have to compete against the also HBO-produced movie The Normal Heart.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Playing a nihilistic, alcoholic detective is not the usual fare for Matthew McConaughey. He makes it work magnificently.
    • Also, it's nice to see Woody Harrelson playing a character who isn't "creepy" or "off" in some way, after a long period of being more-or-less typecast as such.
  • Production Nickname: The Big Bad of the first season is called The Creature in the Tall Grass by the staff.
  • The Red Stapler: The King in Yellow became an overnight bestseller on Amazon due to the numerous references to the previously obscure 1895 work.
  • What Could Have Been: Detective Papania was originally slated to be played by Wood Harris, alongside Michael Potts as Detective Gilbough. Which meant that, for a time, Avon Barksdale and Brother Mouzone were going to star together. Somewhere along the line he was replaced by Tory Kittles, probably because the universe couldn't have handled the awesomeness.

     Season 2 
  • Actor-Shared Background: Colin Farrell has struggled with alcoholism and at this point he's played so many alcoholics that he's probably an expert at that too.
  • Fake American: Colin Farrell is Irish.
  • Fan Nickname: "Bolo Ray" for Velcoro, "Frank the Tank" for Semyon.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • David Morse as a hippie
    • C.S. Lee as a serious bureaucrat
    • Vince Vaughn as a tough-as-nails mobster
    • Colin Farrel as a straight corrupt police officer
    Season 3 

  • Actor-Inspired Element: Wayne Hays was written as a white character and Roland West was meant for Mahershala Ali. Ali sent photos to Nic Pizzolatto of his grandfather, a state policeman in the 60s, and got the main role after proving it was plausible.
  • Fake American: Carmen Ejogo (Amelia Reardon) is British.
    • Sarah Gadon (Elisa Montogomery) is Canadian.
  • Underage Casting: Mahershala Ali is only 13 years older than his onscreen son Ray Fisher.


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