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Trivia / Trouble

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  • Stillborn Franchise: Marvel hoped to kick off a revival of the romance comic genre with this book, but heavy fan backlash and the closure of Epic Comics killed off those plans.
  • Old Shame: Mark Miller has gone on record saying he thinks Trouble is the worst thing he's written.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The editorial staff at Marvel actually considered making this the new official origin story of Peter Parker. However, due to the massive fan backlash, these plans were swiftly forgotten and the comics were declared non-canon.
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    • A trade paperback collecting all five issues was supposed to be released in early 2004, but was cancelled due to the resignation of Bill Jemas from Marvel, which resulted in Epic Comics being shut down. Additionally, before the book was cancelled, Marvel wanted to heavily market the trade in bookstores to try and bring in a larger young adult audience, but these plans also fell apart due the comic flopping in sales. The comic would eventually be quietly re-released in a hardcover collection in 2011.


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