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  • Channel Hop: The show's predecessor is on Netflix, while this series is on Hulu and Peacock.
  • Word of God: Unlike its predecessor, this show has been in production long before its adjacent movie came out.
    • A few storyboards were drafted and leaked for episodes that aren't even in Season 1, such as "Funtography Day", "The Party Pooper", "My Dinner with Dante", "Twister Sisters", "Piney & Lord Prickles", & "The Ghost of Raisin' Ruby".
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    • One of the writers confirmed that so far there are at least 204 episodes written, putting it at a range of 408 segments or more.
    • It's likely that all of the other characters from World Tour (sans Tiny Diamond and Chaz) won't return, as due to restrictions it is up to the future movies to decide their next adventure. Matthew Beans stated that introducing new characters in a closed space like Troll Village was easier than jumping from one tribe home to another with the ones we already know.
    • Matthew Beans also said that unlike the last series, they won't drop the romanticism between Poppy and Branch; they're just saving it for later just to get the plot and characters out of the way.


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