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Trivia / Tripping the Rift

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  • Genre-Killer: The show had the misfortune to debut around the same times as Father of the Pride and while this one was more successful, its lukewarm-to-negative reputation still ultimately lowered the bar for 3D computer animated shows for adults. CGI may now reign supreme in features, but TV animation still belongs to 2D.
  • The Other Darrin: Six, twice. She went from Gina Gershon, to Carmen Electra, to Jenny McCarthy.
    • Three times if you count the Internet short.
      • Or four, if you count the one time they aired the short in Sci-Fi and Terry Farrell redubbed Six's lines.
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    • Lampshaded on the interior of the DVD jacket, where Chode mentions that he changes her voice every so often. And by Bob in one of the couch gag openings, saying something along the lines of "Who's voicing Six this season?"


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