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Trivia / Trauma Center

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  • Bilingual Bonus: The names of the Delphi-produced strains of GUILT (except "Bliss") are the names of the days of the week in Greek. The names of Stigma strains are Greek names of various body parts.
  • Common Crossover: With the Ace Attorney series, quite possibly because both were first released around the same time for the same platform, using the almost same Visual Novel combined with unusual game genre formula, and both are set Twenty Minutes In The Future.
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  • Contest Winner Cameo: The winner of a contest at E3 2009, Charlie Malone, was made into a patient in Trauma Team.
  • Dueling Games: Lifesigns Surgical Unit tried to provide a less fantastical take on digital operations, but Trauma Center is much more well-known, especially with its five games compared to Lifesigns' two, one of which never left Japan.
  • Fan Nickname: Some just call the "Little Guy" either Michael or Hans, especially for fan fiction purposes.
  • Follow the Leader: Lifesigns: Surgical Unit adopted a less realistic approach in surgeries to (presumably) compete with Trauma Center, compared to its mostly grounded (and Japanese-only) first game.
  • No Export for You : The series brutally ended in Europe with New Blood, as neither Trauma Center 2 nor Trauma Team came out there, for no apparent reason. At least the DS isn't region locked, allowing the former game to be imported.
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  • Orphaned Series: The last game in the series was Trauma Team, released all the way back near the middle of 2010. There's been no word of any future titles since then.
  • The Wiki Rule: Caduceus Database.


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