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Trivia / Trash of the Count's Family

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  • Fan Nickname: The title is often shorted to Trash Count. Cale is also occasionally referred to as "Trash Count" by fans.
    • The current Cale has also been referred to as "Cale Rok Soo" to differentiate him from the original Cale Henituse.
    • After Deruth Henituse is given the title of Duke, fans have started to refer to Cale as the "Trash of the Duke's Family" or "Trash Duke".
  • Fan Translation: Averted! A lot of Korean (and Japanese, and Chinese) webnovels can only be read in English through fan translations, but the translation of Trash of the Count's Family is officially licensed through Wuxiaworld. The translators are definitely fans of the series, however.

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