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Trivia / Trapper John, M.D.

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  • Character Outlives Actor: Nurse Clara "Starch" Willoughby got married during the summer of 1980, retired and moved from San Francisco; on screen, the character did not keep in touch with her former co-workers, and other than possibly brief mentions early in the 1980-1981 season, she is not referred to again and it was presumed she was still living when the series ended in 1986. That's because Starch's portrayer, Mary McCarty, died in the spring of 1980, shortly after production of the 1979-1980 season episodes ended; Madge Sinclair's character, Nurse Ernestine Shoop, replaced Starch.
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  • Technical Advisor: Just as he did for the main show, Dr. Walter D. Dishell served as this show's medical advisor to insure the scenes that take place in the O.R. were as accurate as possible.
  • A legal dispute led to a court ruling that Trapper John, M.D. was a Spin-Off of the movie M*A*S*H rather than the television series. However, during the pilot episode a photo on the wall depicts the television versions of both Hawkeye and Trapper instead of the original movie versions.
  • The series largely stood on its own, with almost no references to the parent movie or television series.