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Trivia / Transformers Zone

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  • No Export for You: Originally, Shout! Factory was originally going to release the OVA for North American distribution. But Toei Animation, being one of the most notorious anime companies difficult to deal with, outright refused to release the episode as they did with Scramble City. The reason still remains unknown.
  • The Other Darrin: Here's a list:
    • Banjo Ginga who played BlackZarak in Masterforce, is played by Hirohiko Kakegawa.
    • Minoru Inaba who played Predaking in the original The Transformers, is played by Yukimasa Kishino.
    • Masato Hirano (Headmasters), who replaced Chikao Shiroyama (original cartoon) as Abominus, is replaced by Yukimasa Kishino.
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    • Yukimasa once again replaced three seiyuus as Bruticus. He must love to do this.
    • Devastator who was voiced by Seizō Katō is replaced by Hirohiko Kakegawa.
    • Masato Hirano replaced the previous seiyuu as Menasor.
    • The legendary Daisuke Gori (already voicing the Big Bad Volen Jiger) replaced Masato Hirano (from Headmasters) who replaced Yutaka Shimaka (original G1) as Trypticon.

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