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  • Word of God
    • Originally, The Baroness's name was to be "The Sea Queen."
    • Arizona was supposed to have been in Total Drama City, but was denied at the time due to unknown reasons.
    • The Baroness's irrational hatred of dolphins.
    • Total Drama High School's ending taking form of a Final, and the very last episode being a graduation themed one.
    • Selene being raised by wolves after getting lost in a park at a young age.
    • Ideas for an animal themed season were mentioned a while back.
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    • A scrapped supernatural season had came to light, and included contestants such as a mermaid, a ghost, and a vampire fighting out for one real wish to be granted.
    • That there's an interest in a Ridonculous Race themed spin-off.
      • This later turned out to come into fruition, with The Ridonculous Race; North American Tour
    • The Admins of North American Tour state that the eliminated contestants are to head to Milwaukee until the end of the competition.
    • The admins of Total Drama Colors always find it interesting that the color black is always one of the, if not the, first color guessed.

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