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Trivia / Total Drama Big Bang Theory

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  • Word of God: The author has very good reasons why the characters have specific roles.
    • Mike is tall and geeky like Sheldon, but his difficulty with talking to females outside is family originated from Raj.
    • Zoey is Penny due to the author supporting the idea of Sheldon and Penny as a couple.
    • Cameron is Mike's best friend, as Leonard is with Sheldon.
    • Scott comes from a lower-educated community, whereas Howard is the only guy in the group who isn't a doctor.
    • Sam was chosen as the fanfic's Raj because of his interactions with Scott (the fanfic's Howard) from the Total Drama Revenge of the Island episode "Finders Creepts".
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    • Anne Maria is commonly viewed as a possible love interest for Mike among the fans, so she's the fanfic's Amy, who's currently Sheldon's love interest in The Big Bang Theory.
    • Like Bernadette, Dawn speaks in a very high-pitched voice, often a very kind person, and has a caring personality towards animals.

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