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  • Breakup Breakout:
    • When the Sailor Boys broke up, Taiji Ishimori went to become one of the premier cruiserweights in Japan in Pro Wrestling NOAH, while the Satos became a freak indy attraction in Michinoku Pro Wrestling and Big Japan. It was not so stark initially, as the twins still showed a lot of potential and pushes as part of STONED, but when they became the Brahman Brothers it became clear they weren't going anywhere up.
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    • Out of the the Mini Crazy MAX members, Mini CIMA (Takuya Sugi) seemed to have the greatest success, as he was the most famous of the three for his aerial abilities and varied gimmicks and had many stints in high-level promotions, but his career became so inconsistent over the years that he faded to obscurity shortly after his peak. SUWAcito (Kagetora) turned out the one who broke out, as he received push after push in every promotion he went and eventually became a significant team player in Dragon Gate. For the rest, Small Dandy Fujii (Rasse) has proved unable to leave the Michinoku Pro Wrestling low card for any extended time, and TARUcito II simply disppeared.
    • Los Carros Exóticos seemed to be the launching pad for Shogo Takagi, as he was the only who managed to stuck with the Toryumon system and return to Japan/Dragon Gate, where he joined the iconic stable Aagan Iisou. However, AI was fired and Takagi ended up doing nothing notable in any promotion before retiring. Meanwhile, Murciélago became Flash Moon and was a mainstay sensation in Osaka Pro Wrestling for many years, so he could be considered the winner. Much straighter with the other two members, Lambo Miura and GALLARDO, as they never even made it out of Toryumon X. GALLARDO in particular had a career that lasted under a dozen matches.
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  • Old Shame: While it is unclear whether this extends out of kayfabe, both Ishimori and the Satos have been in storyline ashamed of their past as the Sailor Boys, Ryusuke Taguchi and Speed of Sounds used it to mock them ruthlessly.
  • The Other Darrin: Subverted. Jun Ogawauchi was strongly believed by many to be the first incarnation of Orochi in Osaka Pro Wrestling, as they had the same finisher and body size, but it was revealed to be MIWAYAKI.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Akihito Sawafuji's gimmick was originally going to be a Backyard Wrestling character named "Chi*Polio Shaburyano", an original idea of Último Dragón himself, but Sawafuji refused, and thus he received the character of Milano Collection A.T.
    • Kanji Ichikawa went to Último Dragón thinking on playing a strong-style wrestler in simple black tights, as he has an amateur wrestling background and it would be natural to him. However, Último didn't like it and demanded him to choose a more colourful gimmick, so he created Stalker Ichikawa, a Shout-Out to a character from the Japanese TV show Ore Tachi Hyoukin Zoku.
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    • Back when all its members took ring names in all caps as per the heel custom, Don Fujii's name was going to be "SUMO", as his former name was Sumo Fujii. However, as he thought it sounded silly, he kept that name and decided to change it every year.

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