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Trivia / Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • To English speaking countries Carol is known as "Cotton Candy" or "Fluff".
    • Misuzu is the "Demon Queen".
    • Jun is often referred to as BLOCK HEAD (owing to a combination of having at least two shirts with that label, as well as apparently being incredibly dense about Tomo's feelings)
  • I Knew It!: Prior to the second flashback arc, some fans had already predicted that Tomo's initial relationship problem with Jun (namely, that he just saw themselves as friends) was her own fault. Cue the arc in question, and we learn that Tomo encourages Jun to not mind what others say about them, and gets told by him that he wants them to be together forever. Tomo then clarifies that they can do it as friends, which he readily agrees to, while Tomo herself begins to fall in love with Jun immediately afterwards.

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