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Trivia / Todd Edwards

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  • Fan Nickname: Todd "The God" Edwards. Seeing how he's openly Christian, you have to wonder how he feels about it.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • A couple of his songs from the '90s and early-2000s are only on vinyls that were never reprinted ever since their releases and were never officially released on the internet such as the full dub mix of Kim English's "Tomorrow" and the full version of his dub mix of TLC's "No Scrubs".
    • And then there are songs which were never released and portions of which can only be found on DJ sets such as one of his remixes of Paul Johnson's "She Got Me On" and his original remix of Gina Thompson's "The Things That You Do", which was eventually reworked as "Love Inside".
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  • Name's the Same: If you search his name on YouTube or Google and stumble across a song from the Hoodwinked! soundtrack, it's someone else.

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