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Trivia / Tiny Toon Adventures S 1 E 1 The Looney Beginning

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  • Deleted Scene: There was a part in the episode where Elmyra Duff would introduce herself to Buster and Babs Bunny during the auditions for "wacky but lovable neighbors" and immediately try to take the rabbits as her own pets, chasing after them and dressing them up as babies and force-feeding them. Buster and Babs then outsmart Elmyra and go back to resume the auditions. A modified version of this scene was later edited into the opening of "Strange Tales of Weird Science" with ADR'd dialogue making it sound like Elmyra is preventing Buster and Babs from starting the show on time.
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  • Edited for Syndication: Later reruns of the episode cut out a few scenes, most likely for timing, including where after Buster asks the animator for some clothes ("for the censors") he paints a tutu and sombrero on Buster, Sweetie and Furrball's auditions, Gogo Dodo appearing as the cuckoo for the Acme Looniversity clock tower to remind Buster and Babs they are running out of time to get the scripts back, and Buster reminding Babs that villains fall for cheesy disguises before they enter Monty's mansion to retrieve the scripts. All of these scenes not seen again until the show came out on DVD.
  • Troubled Production: According to producer Tom Ruegger, the episode was having problems with its animation production, even though this episode was the 48th in production order. Steven Spielberg and the rest of the Warner Bros. crew were dissatisfied with the work Kennedy Cartoons was turning out for the show and this episode in particular (what with its Off-Model work and inconsistencies), and so several scenes had to be sent back to be re-animated (with some of them handled by Wang Film Productions, such as the escape from Monty's mansion). Retakes were even still being edited into the show on air day, but the episode miraculously made it to air on time. This and other factors eventually resulted in Kennedy Cartoons being fired from the show, but they quickly found work with Disney anyways. What happened here was very similar to the first season episode of The Simpsons, "Some Enchanted Evening".
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  • What Could Have Been: Also according to Tom Ruegger, originally for the episode, Steven Spielberg wanted the episode to be done with a Roger Rabbit Effect, with the animation studio scenes being done in live-action, where the animator would interact with the animated Tiny Toons characters. (This also explains why a portrait of Bugs Bunny hanging in the animator's office would come to life in the episode.) But the later production date and animation problems prevented any of this from happening.


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