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  • Channel Hop: The franchise began on Fuji TV in 1975 and the franchise stayed there until 1983, when the franchise came back in 2000, Kiramekiman was broadcast on TV Tokyo, and then when the 2008 Yatterman remake came around the franchise hopped over to NTV, where the Time Bokan series (and most of Tatsunoko's recent output) has remained since then
  • Market-Based Title:
    • Almost with Time Bokan. The series would have been called Time Fighters in the U.S. had Tatsunoko gone through with the localization.
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    • According to Tatsunoko's website, Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman would've been called Rescueman had it been released in western countries.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Ippatsuman's appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom might be the first time people in the west have seen him. In fact, it might be the first time a non-Yatterman character from the franchise has been seen outside of their series at all.
    • This effect might have occurred with the villains of Time Bokan, as the Royal Revival OVAs focuses primarily on them. Since a great deal of their series were never released overseas, most of the villain teams would be unfamiliar to a western audience.
      • Kinda lampshaded in the Italian dub, where the villains from Itadakiman are announced as "the newest, the latest, appearing in Italy here for the first time!"
  • No Export for You: Most of the Time Bokan series never made it completely overseas. Latin America managed to subvert it with the original Time Bokan, Yattodetaman, and Yatterman, and Italy managed to air the entirety of Yatterman to the point where it's one of their favorite anime (they also got Time Bokan, Otasukeman and Yattodetaman). Streaming company Anime Sols tried to subvert this for Time Bokan by putting it on the internet, but have only 3 episodes subbed until enough funding could be provided for 14 more, and managed to sub 17 episodes of the 1977 and 2008 series of Yatterman before funding was cut from the project. The rest of the franchise hasn't had a chance yet.
    • Sentai Filmworks managed to subvert the trope for the Royal Revival OVAs by distributing them on DVD and on Hulu subbed.
    • Any of the various Time Bokan games created were also never released overseas, and it's likely they never will.
  • Trope Codifier: In Japanese television, you owe the Terrible Trio trope and its many followers to this series. The mold began with the Time Skeletons in Time Bokan, but very quickly gained Expies thanks to Yatterman's Doronbo Gang.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Kiramekiman was a Japan/Italy coproduction, but the collaboration was interrupted so not only the series lasted only 26 episodes rather than 52, but the Italian dub was never produced. The dub was going to be supervised by the founder of the Italian Time Bokan fan club, aiming for the same kind of Woolseyism the Italian dubs of Yatterman and Yattodetaman had (read: replacing every joke that would make no sense outside of Japan with more Italian-oriented ones, and renaming many characters with punny names based on Italian celebrities)
    • Speaking of dubs, many series had English localizations for the character names that were never used:
      • Otasukeman: Hikaru becomes "Sonny", Atasha becomes "Aliana", Dowalski becomes "Stringer", Sekovich becomes "Twisty" and Tomomot becomes "Don Tempest": The Otasukeman and Ojamaman teams are renamed the Rescuemen and the Tempermen.
      • Yattodetaman: Wataru becomes "Paul Tuck", Koyomi becomes "Tracy Headly" and the two princesses Karen and Mirenjo become respectively "Sarah" and "Miranda".


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