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Trivia / The Wotch

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  • Name's the Same: Professor Oscar Madison.
  • Schedule Slip: The comic used to update MWF, but later started bouncing between once a week and T/Sa updates. When it came back after its most lengthy hiatus (see below), it's been generally good about sticking to its official once-a-week schedule, though there have still been a few skips or delays.
    • Unfortunately, while it has been fairly good at updating once a week during an arc, there can be very long delays between arcs.
  • Series Hiatus: Several times, due to the author going back to school, getting divorced, and a dislocated elbow. There was also a hiatus that lasted so long (nearly 2 years!) that many considered it an Orphaned Series until it was finally relaunched on August 8, 2011, with City of Reality's Ian Samson taking over artwork duties. Then it went back on hiatus, in late 2014, and went to early 2016 without an update, when it started up again, and has continued to the present day, albeit with an fairly irregular update schedule.

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