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Trivia / The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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  • Creator Backlash: CD Projekt RED developers had little good to say about the game during Noclip's documentary, considering it a Sophomore Slump for the series.
  • Everyone Has Standards: A meta example with the game's fans. There are various software pirates that're adamantly against pirating this game, vindicating CD Projekt RED's "no DRM" and "sales through good PR" policies.
  • The Other Darrin: The only returning actor is Doug Cockle (Geralt), with all other characters being recast. More obviously, Iorveth switched actors between the first trailers and release, gaining a thicker accent to boot.
    • In the Russian version most of the characters were voiced by different actors, including Geralt. In the first game he was voiced by Vladimir Zaytsev, while in The Witcher 2 he was voiced by Vsevolod Kuznetsov. Fans actually created an online petition, asking to bring Zaytsev back, once the trailers came out. Kuznetsov voicing Velerad in the first game didn't help matters. When the game came out, people were less upset, since Kuznetsov did a really good job at voicing Geralt and was on par with Zaytsev, if not better.
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    • In the German version, literally everyone was switched out. A third time in fact, given that for the Enhanced version of Witcher 1, there was already a complete recast.

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