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Trivia / The Wild Angels

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  • Cast the Expert: Roger Corman actually used several members of the real Hell's Angels as extras.
  • Cast the Runner-Up: George Chakiris and Peter Fonda were originally cast as Heavenly Blues and Loser, respectively. However, Chakiris could not ride a motorcycle, so he was replaced by Fonda, and Bruce Dern took Fonda's original role as Loser.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Roger Corman became interested in making a film about the Hells Angels after seeing a photo in the January 1966 of Life magazine for a biker funeral.
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  • Real-Life Relative: Loser and his wife Gaysh are played by then husband and wife in real life Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd.
  • Uncredited Role: Peter Bogdanovich did uncredited rewrites to the screenplay.
  • What Could Have Been: Charles B. Griffith's first draft of the screenplay was a near-silent movie which contrasted the bikers with the story of a police motorcycle cop. Corman did not like it and ordered rewrites, eventually giving it to Peter Bogdanovich to rewrite. Bogdanovich later estimated that he rewrote 80% of the script.


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