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Trivia / The Walking Dead S 02 E 01 What Lies Ahead

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  • Alan Smithee: The episode is partially credited to the writer "Ardeth Bey", the latter of which is an alias used by Frank Darabont when he had his name taken off the credits for the episode.
  • Deleted Scene: Two-thirds of the episode were lopped out in the editing process, and were supposedly the reason for Frank Darabont getting fired by AMC. The original episode would have begun with the convoy driving away from the CDC, only for Shane's car to blow a tire. He would take the bag of guns and run from a horde that was chasing him, until he's rescued by Rick and Dale in the RV. Afterwards, the group would have gone to the Vatos retirement home to seek shelter and plan their next move, only to discover that the residents (and Vatos members) were all executed, had their supplies stolen and were overrun by walkers, and forcing the group to hide until the next morning. Most of these scenes were included on the Season 2 DVD set.
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  • Executive Meddling: Frank Darabont was supposedly fired from the series after hiring a director (Gwyneth Horder-Payton) who turned in "unusable" footage during filming of the premiere. In the second-season DVD set, the producers say that the decision to cut so much material was mutually agreed by the production and the network. However, many fans believe this was a pretense to fire Darabont, as he was complaining about budget cuts and was reportedly not liked by the network. Various articles released around this time also state that the cast stayed silent after his departure, for fear that they would be fired as well.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • As revealed by actor Sam Witwer (Being Human (US)) in an interview, one of the ideas for the season premiere was an episode-long flashback detailing one soldier's experiences during the onset of the outbreak. It would have included cameos from several characters (including Andrea, Amy and Dale) and would end with the soldier deciding not to kill himself and die inside a tank, which Rick later crawls into in the pilot episode.
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    • The original premiere was titled "Miles Behind Us", and would have dealt with the group escaping a horde after fleeing the CDC and discovering that the Vatos residents were executed and overrun with walkers. Most of the material was discarded, and the highway herd sequence was merged with the footage from the following episode.


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