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Trivia / The Waitresses

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  • Black Sheep Hit: The band were a struggling New Wave band when their label ordered them to create a Christmas Song for an anthology album it was producing. Several months later the band was on tour in December and they were shocked to learn that the song, "Chistmas Wrapping" was a big hit on the radio. It has remained a seasonal favorite to this day.
  • No-Hit Wonder: One-Hit Wonder retrospectives like listing the Waitresses, but the truth is that they actually never cracked the top 40, in the US or the UK (though they are a One-Hit Wonder in Australia). "I Know What Boys Like" hit #62. "Christmas Wrapping" hit #45 in the UK. And yet the two songs were so memorable that they still get airplay today.
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  • Old Shame: Subverted as Butler thinks the music on their second album, Bruiseology is very good, but he’s still not proud of the record, because the band had just gotten off the road and thus were irritable during recording, and he regretted that it lead to the band falling apart.

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