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Trivia / The VeggieTales Show

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  • The Other Darrin: Kira Buckland voices Petunia Rhubarb in this show, as opposed to Cydney Trent. She also takes over as Laura Carrot as opposed to the other actresses she's had over the years.
    • Stephanie Southerland voices Madame Blueberry, as she has been voiced by other actresses on the original show.
  • The Other Marty: In previews for "The Best Christmas Gift", Mr. Nezzer was voiced by Phil Vischer. By the time the episode was released, David Mann had replaced him. Vischer said in an interview it was because he was no longer comfortable impersonating an African-American (which was the exact thing that got Nezzer replaced by Ichabeezer as demanded by DreamWorks in the first place), so an actual African-American (Mann) was brought in.
    • The Original Darrin: However, Mann was unavailable for several episodes, so Vischer reprised the role.
  • Role Reprise: Lisa Vischer returns as the voice of Junior Asparagus after being replaced by Tress MacNeille in 2014.
  • Write What You Know: The song Christmas Food from The Best Christmas Wish, was inspired by Phil Vischer's own experience with odd seasonal foods, one year for Easter when he was young, his mom decided to make some weird Japanese stew instead of the usual Easter ham, so he used that memory as a basis for writing this song, with Jimmy and Jerry getting weirded out by Archibald's lesson on non traditional Christmas foods.

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