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  • Creator Backlash: Never, ever bring up his "Mean Mark" Callous gimmick in front of him.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Paul Bearer mentioned in a shoot interview that Undertaker is ungodly afraid... of cucumbers. One time, after he played a joke on Paul, Paul paid him back by putting cucumbers everywhere. Taker proceeded to puke.
  • Fan Nickname: Bikertaker for his American Badass period.
    • "Underfaker" for the Brian Lee Undertaker in the "Two Undertakers" storyline.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Creatures of the Night.
  • Dye Hard: He is a redhead and performed as one early in his career, but eventually dyed it black and kept it that way ever since. You could see his hair shift a bit back towards red during his BikerTaker days when he had short hair and didn't have to do the Deadman jet-black dye job.
    • And as redheads grey quicker and more evenly than other hair colors, seeing the Deadman with his signature black hair and OOC with greying red hair came as bit of a shock.
  • Fountain of Expies: Popularized the Light Flicker Teleport, the Chokeslam, the tombstone, the no sell sit-up and various supernatural monster gimmicks. Did not start most of them but definitely caused a trend. Also inspired the use of mixed martial arts equipment (particularly his pair of MMA Gloves in his more recent runs), even for wrestlers who have no background in the sport or relating gimmick.
  • Long-Runners: Debuting in 1990, he's wrestled every big name wrestler for the past two decades, from Hulk Hogan to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to John Cena to Roman Reigns and most everyone in between. And smarks have been expecting him to retire since 2000. Hence the nickname "The Last Outlaw" in 2011. In all Taker's WWE career lasted for 30 years. To put that into perspective, that's longer than Hogan, the Rock, and Stone Cold's longest runs with the company, combined.
    • Pretty much the only big name wrestlers that he hasn't wrestled are those who have never worked for WWE, most notably Sting, and even then, 'Taker started out in the NWA just as it was transitioning into WCW as "Mean" Mark Callous, and did in fact have a match or two with Sting back then. No footage exists, and we can assume it was not the grand spectacle that the Icon vs the Phenom would have been. Due to both men's advanced ages and Dented Iron status as well as Sting being part of All Elite Wrestling, the match will probably never happen.
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  • Old Shame: Described his feud with Giant Gonzalez as "taking years of his career", especially since he badly wanted to work with then-newcomer Yokozuna at the time.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: In recent years, periods of time when Undertaker's not on TV are due to nagging injuries catching up with him. You can catch instances of this in the late '90s if you're watching for it, with many of his matches made short with an emphasis on grappling to avoid aggravating the injuries that eventually sent him off for the sabbatical before his big return and the reveal of the "American Badass" gimmick.
    • Also, the retool to BikerTaker was in part inspired by the fact that Mark Calaway is an avid biker in real life.
      • It would have been a last hurrah for Undertaker before retirement due to those injuries, but he persevered anyways.
    • The "Sara" tattoo on his neck was often edited out of promotional photos (and the videogames, since 2008) before he eventually had it removed, due to the separation from his wife, Sara, in 2007.
    • The Hell's Gate is a mixed-martial-arts grapple called the Gogoplata; 'Taker is a huge MMA fan, and was also legitimately trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
    • The "vegetative state" storyline was a direct result of an injury suffered while wrestling Rey Mysterio Jr.. Undertaker had his orbital socket broken by one of Rey's knee braces.
      • Further, Kane's win in the Buried Alive match was due to Undertaker having an arm injury. And it was originally going to happen at Survivor Series.
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  • Romance on the Set: Undertaker married Michelle McCool in 2010.
  • What Could Have Been: Too many to count, as much as the man's career itself. See them here.
  • Taker is good friends with Booker T, having taken him under his wing after the latter's move from WCW. He shares he always felt Book was talented & enjoyed watching him become a big star.