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Trivia / The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

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  • Canon Discontinuity: The Twelve Tasks of Asterix is ignored by the albums that were published after its release, and had to if one wanted to go on with the series, since it ended with Julius Caesar retiring to the countryside and Asterix being put in charge of Rome in its place. There is a popular Fanon, however, that The Twelve Tasks must be taken as an ending to the series as a whole, happening after any other item of the series, even those released after Twelve Tasks. It has never been confirmed or informed by the creators and, with both of them having now passed away, never will.
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  • Referenced by...: "The Place That Sends You Mad" got referenced in the second expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, "Blood and Wine", where one of the missions revolves around "Permit A-38" and the general theme of bureaucracy (in a bank for the game).
  • You Sound Familiar: Twofold in the French version in regards to later films. Pierre Tornade and Henri Labussière respectively voiced Chief Vitalstatistix and the Roman receptionist of The-Place-That-Sends-You-Mad in The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. Starting with Asterix Versus Caesar and up until Asterix Conquers America included, they would voice Obelix and Getafix, respectively.


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