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Trivia / The Transformers: Combiner Wars

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For the 2015 comic:

  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The Collected edition of the event corrects a lot of the errors, giving Blades and Streetwise their correct models, keeping Scoop green, removing Scrapper, etc. Even though some errors remain like Optimus Maximus still switches his colors from panel to panel, it is a marked improvement over the weekly issues.
    • Betatron was a polarizing figure, as many saw him as a Replacement Scrappy for Computron (different name, lackluster color scheme, lack of new tooling on the combiner mode and no other Technobots seeing a release). However just as the line drew to a close, Takara and Hasbro revealed Computron, which gave much more personality to Scattershot and finally gave the Technobots figures. While the sheer differences in each of their Computrons will fuel the HasTak Fandom Rivalry for years to come, everyone agrees that they're a massive step up from Betatron. John Warden, a design manager at Hasbro, credited the fan response in getting them to go the extra mile for Computron.
    "Fans, you asked for it, we listened; here's Computron"

For the 2016 web series:

  • Creator Backlash: Combiner Wars was written by at least three people - Eric S. Calderon, George Krstic (of the much better-received Megas XLR), and F.J. DeSanto. Following the final episode, Calderon and DeSanto removed their writing credits from the show's IMDB page for a few days before finally re-inserting their involvement with the series.
  • Descended Creator: Computron was voiced by one of Machinima’s employees.
  • Missing Episode: The entire series is no longer available outside of the US after Machinima marked them all as private on their YouTube channel. It's not clear if this is an attempt to save face in the wake of the show's infamously poor reception, or the results of some other external pressure. Hasbro would put it on their channel later. Rooster Teeth has since started putting the episodes up on their website after inheriting Machinima’s intellectual properties.
  • Playing Against Type: Jon Bailey as a serious Optimus Prime, a character he'd often parodied in Honest Trailers when doing any of the movies.
  • Role Reprise: Peter Cullen provides the nostalgia blooming Badass Baritone we all know and love.