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Trivia / The Three Musketeers

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The original novel:

  • Referenced by...: In the episode "Absolute Candor" of Star Trek: Picard, Admiral Picard gives a paper book of The Three Musketeers as a present to a young Elnor, and he reads it to the boy in the evening.
  • What Could Have Been: The first drafts were quite different, and the story didn't evolve into what it is now until after Auguste Maquet had done historical research - suggesting plot outlines inspired by that. Some characters got dropped and others were only introduced after this.

The 1935 film:

  • Role Reprise: Nigel De Brulier had already played Cardinal Richlieu in the 1921 adaptation, as well as in The Iron Mask. He would later play him once more in The Man In The Iron Mask.


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