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Trivia / The Thin Blue Line

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  • British Brevity: Only two series of 7 episodes each were made.
  • Similarly Named Works: The show is not to be confused with a 1988 documentary film by Errol Morris about a man falsely convicted and sentenced to death for murder.
  • Underage Casting: Inspector Fowler is clearly written as an older man completely out of touch with modern-day culture and attitudes, however Rowan Atkinson was only 39 when the show went into production - only 13 years older in fact than James Dreyfus, who played Goody.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • British cops now wear much more utilitarian uniforms, along with stab vests, compared to the dressier style the uniformed characters wear on this show.
    • In one episode, Fowler and Grim argue over the issuance of firearms permits, with Grim demanding that Fowler approve an application. The show was produced just before two new amendments to the Firearms Acts were introduced in 1997, more or less putting an end to private handgun ownership in Great Britain.


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