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Trivia / The Terrifics

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  • Schedule Slip: The first issue was resolicited to begin in February, when it was supposed to begin months before. This is because the entire Dark Matter line was subject to this at one point, with even the series intended to launch it changing around quite a bit.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Jeff Lemire pitched a Metamorpho series, but Dan Didio felt that he cannot carry a series alone, and suggested teaming him up with Plastic Man. Mr. Terrific was then brought in to serve as a foil to the both of them. It was then that Lemire realized the similarities to this new team and the Fantastic Four, and he decided to embrace them.
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  • Word of God: When the team was initially revealed, it was thought that Linnya would be the Retroboot Tinya Wazzo, who last appeared years ago disappearing into another dimension. Lemire said that she "wasn't the Legion's Phantom Girl" which only fueled speculation that he was using Exact Words... issue 1 reveals that he was being fairly direct... at least for now.

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