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Trivia / The Sugarhill Gang

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  • Breakthrough Hit: "Rapper's Delight" was one for not only the Sugarhill Gang, but also the entire genre of Hip-Hop. Its No. 36 peak on the Hot 100, No. 4 peak on the R&B chart, and No. 14 peak on the Club Play chart all marked the genre's first exposure to a wide audience, and things would only continue to pick up from there.
  • Follow the Leader: They basically paved the way for other rap artists to making a successful career out of their talent.
  • Referenced by...
    • Beastie Boys songs "Slow and Low" (from Licensed to Ill) and "Shake Your Rump" (from Paul's Boutique) both sample "8th Wonder" by the Sugarhill Gang. "Shadrach", also from Paul's Boutique, samples "Sugarhill Groove".
    • The Ketchup Song (2002) by Las Ketchup was a novelty song about people who enjoy "Rappers' Delight", but could never make out what the lyrics were? So they just sang gibberish.
  • Two-Hit Wonder: "Rappers' Delight" and "Apache".