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Trivia / The Stupendium

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  • Actor Allusion: "The Fright Before Christmas" includes the line "Frank Whittle sounds familiar, but I’m sure it’s just coincidence". That character is voiced by Stupendium himself.
  • Approval of God: 11 Bit Studio loved "Shelter from the Storm", the Board (Remedy Entertainment) noted "Slide Into the Void" was fire/satisfactory and the Death and Taxes Youtube channel called his song an "absolute certifiable banger".
    • Innersloth themselves commented under "An Impostor Calls", calling the song great.
  • Fake American: As Robert Edwin House in "The House Always Wins," Joey Drew in the intro to "Art of Darkness," J. Jonah Jameson in "Pictures of Spider-Man," Arthur Morgan in "The West Was One," Zachariah Trench and Casper Darling in "Slide Into The Void" and Crazy Redd in "Rogue's Gallery".

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