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Trivia / The Strangerhood

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  • Old Shame: The reason why Rooster Teeth was reluctant to even make a second season. The DVDs were even selling for just $1 in their store!
  • The Other Darrin: Season 2 replaces a few cast members with people closer to RT, such as Ashley Jenkins and's Paul Marino.
  • Sequel Gap: There were 9 years between the first and second season.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The first season is arguably either this or an actual intended Period Piece. While the initial series' first few episodes could have arguably taken place anywhere at any time, from the sixth episode onwards, a good chunk of its humor and plot revolved around parodies of shows that were on the air during the mid-2000s. The fact that Lost was spoofed but Heroes was ignored dates the miniseries even more to early 2006. The American Idol, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Miami, and Alias jokes seal the deal that this show could only have been made from 2004-2006, three years shy of the release date for The Sims 3.
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  • Writer Revolt: Case in point, the later half of season two is full of potshots at Ray, whose constant references to the show was what ultimately led to it being added as a stretch goal to Lazer Team's crowdfunding campaign.

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