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Trivia / The Strain (TV series)

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  • Advertised Extra: Scan the credits of each episode and you'll find Jack Kesy (Gabriel Bolivar) in each one, billed as a regular. He disappeared after the third episode, and didn't reappear until his season-finale cameo.
    • Possibly because Kesy was indicted on charges of possession of cocaine and other related charges. Time will tell if this will affect his role on the show.
      • It seemingly did, as Kesy was killed off early in season three in a major departure from the books.
  • Fake Nationality: Abraham Setrakian is a Romanian Jew, but David Bradley is English.
  • Fan Nickname: "Captain Hairpiece" for Eph, due to the very obvious wig worn by the mostly bald Corey Stoll.
    • As of episode 2.05 the show is using Stoll's normal hair (or lack thereof), so fans might have to come up with another nickname for him...
    • The AV Club has dubbed the team of Fet, Setrakian, Eph, and Nora as "The Fet and Set CDC Connection". When Dutch is around, it’s "The Set and Fet CDC Hacker Girl Connection".
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    • i09 has dubbed the Feelers "Kellyz Kids" and is calling Zack Carl Jr..
    • In a meta moment, Richard Sammel (Eichhorst) has dubbed the duo of himself and vamp!Kelly "The Vampire Bonnie and Clyde".
  • Playing Against Type: David Bradley, well-known to American audiences for his tendency to play Evil Old Folks such as Argus Filch, Walder Frey and Solomon, plays one of the good guys here.
  • What Could Have Been: John Hurt was originally chosen to play Abraham Setrakian, and the pilot was originally filmed with him as the character. Hurt had to leave the show due to scheduling conflicts and was subsequently replaced by David Bradley.
    • Roy Dotrice was also considered for the role.
    • Vasily Fet was originally going to be played by Del Toro's companion actor Ron Perlman.
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    • It was originally planned to last for five seasons with the first season adapting the first book, the second and third seasons adapting the second book and the fourth and fifth seasons adapting the third book before it was shortened to four seasons with both planned seasons four and five to be compressed into the fourth and final season.

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