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  • Diagnosis of God: Renarin Kholin shows some behaviours that are consistent with someone on the autism spectrum, like stimming with a metal box. After the release of the first book, Brandon Sanderson confirmed that he's on the spectrum.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Mr. T for Taravangian.
    • Song of Secrets for the fourth book prior to its official title being revealed.
    • Yugi Moto for the possible son of Adolin and Shallan, thanks to a Word of God that he'd inherit all of their hair colours.
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    • Todium for Taravangian after he kills Rayse and takes Odium's shard for himself.
  • What Could Have Been: In the original draftnote , Kaladin (then named Merin) received a Shardblade in the very first chapter, quickly befriended Adolin, and rose through the ranks of Dalinar's army. In Brandon’s opinion, he promptly became the most boring character in the book.
    • The original draft also had Renarin be the one to write the Diagram, whereas Taravangian writes it in the official version.
    • Amaram was originally a dual shardblade wielder. He would eventually become one again in Oathbringer in the main series.
    • Sanderson also made a big change to the series, because he found the original book a bit to dark with Dalinar being the one to kill Elhokar in Book 1 rather than Moash killing him in Book 3.
    • A small rewrite also happened with Words of Radiance after it was originally printed. In the first print, Kaladin accidentally hits Szeth in the spine with his Shardblade, instantly killing him. It was rewritten instead so Szeth's hand holding the Honorblade was cut and he died in the high storm. This was done as according to Sanderson, it opened up a plot hole later down the line.
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    • Oathbringer was meant to be Szeth's flashback-book rather than Dalinar's originally, and it was originally titled Stones Unhallowed. This was changed during the outline stage of the book.
    • Rhythm of War was originally meant to be Eshonai’s flashback-book. This was changed to be both Eshonai’s and Venli's book during the first draft.
    • A Cosmere-wide example as the original book didn't have the Shattered Plains. Those were on Yolen.
  • Word of God:
    • Dalinar was the first character Sanderson came up with for the series, and he "is the soul of the series, for me."
    • Rhythm of War includes the first scene Sanderson imagined for the series, and another scene is one of the first he imagined for The Cosmere.
    • Sanderson created Lift partly because he thought there weren't any Hispanic characters in fantasy. That's, er, not quite true... though in fairness, thirteen-year-old Hispanic girl street urchin knights are a bit short on the ground.
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    • The Alethi would all be identified as Asian to people on our world.
    • Shardblades can't cut through aluminum.
      • In the same vein, Surgebinding can’t affect aluminum.
    • Renarin is on the autism spectrum.
    • Several extras, usually members of Bridge Four, are all based on Brandon's friends. The most notable are Skar, Drehy, and Lyn.
    • Tien was going to be a Lightweaver before he died.
    • Iyatil is from Silverlight and has heritage from Southern Scadrial.


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