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Trivia / The Sorcerer

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  • Cut Song:
    • Act I has a rather bizarre cut: Lady Sangazure has a recitative that, unlike practically every other piece in Western music, fails to resolve to the tonic at the end, instead setting up an unused key change. This is because it was originally meant to transition into a cut song, and the recitative was neither revised or cut when the following song was.
    • "Happy are we in our loving frivolity" was the original opening to Act II. It was replaced with a much more complicated opening in the revival, in order to give a little more spectacle. It's occasionally added later in Act II.
  • Deleted Scene: JWW was originally going to perform a second incantation in Act II, summoning his master (the demon Ahrimanes) and pleading for a way to reverse the spell. This scene adds more context to what happens in the Act II finale, so some modern productions reconstruct and include it.

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