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Trivia / The Sojourn

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  • Cross-Regional Voice Acting: Larissa Thompson is in Canada, Ben Prendergast and Laura Faye Smith are in California, Emily Serdahl in Chicago, Stephen Trafford is on the UK... And that's just for the main cast!
  • Fan Nickname: The Frontier Union vessel Mariana got the nickname "Marinara" as it was destroyed with extreme prejudice by the end of the first episode - and the ship that destroyed it, the Cloak of Mercy? It got the name Marinaramaker
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  • International Coproduction: While not produced by multiple companies, the project relies on people from all over the world, with team members hailing from (so far) the UK, Canada, United States, Brazil and Malaysia.
  • Line to God: The Sojourn has official twitter and youtube accounts, as well as Spacedock's twitter.
  • Produced by Cast Member: Larissa Thompson, who plays Cassandra Farren, is one of the series' two Associate Producers.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Gabriel Fonseca, the series' Science Advisor and one of its two Associate Producers, is one according to his entry in the series' site Cast & Crew page.
  • Schedule Slip: If the Teaser Trailer is anything to go by, the intended release date for Volume 1 was 2019, but it was eventually released on August 1st, 2020. The stated reason for the delay was due to the highly successful Kickstarter campaign allowing for more features to be added to the final product, which delayed the release accordingly.
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  • Talking to Himself: While uncredited, Stephen Trafford (the voice of Castian Vadric) voices the Mariana's communications officer on Episode 1... as well as the garbled message replying it from the Lightship Cloak of Mercy!
  • Throw It In!: A good few of Croft's lines are ad-libs made up on the spot by Ben Prendergast.
  • The Wiki Rule: It had a fan wiki since before the official release of Volume 1. It can be found here.
  • Word of God: Dan confirmed via Twitter than Elizabeth's eyes are green.
  • Written by Cast Member: The anthology short The Canary was written by Larissa Thompson, who plays Cassandra Farren.


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