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Trivia / The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

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  • Celebrity Voice Actors:
    • For the French version - Jacques Balutin, Jacques Dynam, Ginette Garcin, Henri Labussière, Jacques Marin, Michel Modo, Georges Atlas, Henri Gustave Elie Crémieux, Roger Crouzet, Michel Elias, Albert de Médina, Serge Nadaud, Angelo Bardi, Jacques Ciron and William Coryn
    • For the United Kingdom English dub - Richard Ashley, Ed Devereaux, Bill Owen, Vernon Leslie Morris, Yael Stern-O'Dwyer, Richard Pescud, Stuart Lock, Kalman Glass and Harry Dickman.
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    • For the United States English dub - Ron Gans, Durga McBroom, Michael Sorich, Robert Axelrod, Dudley Knight, Theodore Lehmann
  • Dueling Dubs:
    • This film has both a UK dub and a US dub. The US English dub was made in 1983 and was shown in theaters. The voice actors were a mix of voices that may be familiar to those who regularly watched "Kung Fu Theater" dubs as well as voice actors who would go on to achieve recognition in anime dubs and Western Animation (example: Cam Clarke for as the voice of Pirout (Pee Wee))note . The UK English dub from 1979 had a completely different cast sporting thicker UK accents as well as electronically enhanced Smurf voices. The musical numbers were completely different in both versions. Today, only the UK dub can be found on DVD and Blu-Ray. But it is believed that the US dub is still in someone's warehouse.
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    • The film was also dubbed into Brazilian Portuguese twice, with the latter being done for the 2011 DVD release. While the songs in both versions are left in English, the newer version only dubs "Peewit's Ballad".
    • It has two Italian dubs; curiously, recent releases keep only the first dub except for Peewit's final line that is kept from the second dub since the audio track was damaged in that point. Also, both dubs have the songs left either partially or entirely in French, as well as the original instrumental music for the Smurfs' party sequence replaced by another song ("La festa della luna") sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle". Interestingly, the second dub (made by Gruppo Trenta in 1983) features the same voice actors who were used to dub the Italian version of The Smurfs cartoon TV series.
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    • It was also dubbed into Latin Spanish twice; the first time in the 1980s and again in 2011. Interestingly, both dubs not only use nearly the same voice cast, but also most of the original voice actors from the Smurfs cartoon show (like the 1983 Italian re-dub).
    • The European Spanish version of the film was dubbed three times; once in 1979, again for a 1980 LP soundtrack and again for the 2011 DVD. In the 1979 dubbing, the first two songs (Peewit's ballad and "Gentle Lady") are left in French, while the 2011 DVD version has them both (along with the Smurfs' working song) in English.
  • Self-Adaptation: Peyo himself co-wrote the film with Yvan Delporte.
  • Voice Actors:


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